Business Networking Sage Advice Is Missing Important Information About Follow Up

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Have you heard this sage advice? Attend business networking and trade show events to find new clients and grow your business.

A SOHO (Small Office, Home Office) survey revealed that 57% of companies attend business networking and trade show events for exactly that reason, to showcase their company and find new clients. Business networking is one of the best ways to find new clients but most of the ‘how to’ advice on working the room is missing vital information about how to keep the conversation going if the person you met is not HOT and ready to buy. You see exchanging business cards is only the first step of your business growth strategy.

I believe cherry picking of Hot Prospects is why another survey found that 48% of business professionals who attend events and collect cards, NEVER follow up past the 1st contact conversation. This practice leaves hundreds of generated prospect leads left for later which is unfortunate because what most business professionals don’t realise is that 60% of their potential new clients will not be hot and ready to purchase when you first meet them. So the fortune really is in the follow up!

In the rush to develop closing skills, creating proficiency in follow up is often put on the back burner. It’s only after the initial supply of obvious Hot Prospects fizzles out that the left for later prospect leads are dusted off.

That’s disastrous because – What’s the number one reason businesses fail? Lack of sales!

By the time you dust off those left for later leads, often times it’s simply too late to extract any value from the gold mine of opportunities hidden just beyond the opening conversation.

The question is – How are you going to bridge from the conversation in the room to your follow up after where you continue the conversation over the coming months with those people who are not ready to buy on the day you first meet them? How will you follow up and become their trusted adviser?


Next Level TIP

60% of your potential clients are earlier in their Investigative Buying Sequence! At this point they’re simply not ready to take you up on your offer to begin a working relationship.

When developing your follow up think about what potential clients are looking for BEFORE they’re HOT and ready to do business with you. What can you do to help them discover the answers they’re looking for and become their trusted advisor?

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