Business Networking Top Tip to Grow Your Sales Opportunities

I’m sure you’ve heard the sage advice – attend business networking events to find opportunities.

Whether you’re looking for your next job opportunity or your next sales opportunity you won’t locate it sitting on your couch. You have to get out of your house and meet people!

But there’s important information missing from that sage advice although it’s alluded to when you hear that business networking is about building relationships and not about moving directly to ask for the sale.

Businesswoman holding blank cardSo what’s the missing piece? How do you network successfully?

More specifically – How do you continue the conversation after you’ve exchanged business cards in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling like a pest and have them running for cover due to your ‘salesy’ follow up?

Salesy? Your follow up will come across as salesy if it is all about you and your great products perfect for them.

Generating more sales opportunities from your business networking starts with developing a longer term business growth strategy approach.

I know – you’re attending the event to showcase your company and find new clients to grow your business TODAY. But with dozens of business professionals in the room, you’re bound to collect business cards without making a strong first contact connection. As a result you’ll need to have a solid next step prepared in advance if you intend to follow up in a meaningful way with EVERYONE to the 5th – 12th contact where 80% of sales are WON.

In other words you’ll need a systematized approach to HARNESS EVERY LEAD collected with the specific intent of following up to increase your sales opportunities.

My #1 Business Networking Tip

Find out what information your conversation partner is missing. What do they need today to reach their current goal?

Besides locating products and services people are also looking for information they don’t currently have that will help them move forward to reach their goals.

It’s wonderful if you do find your conversation partner needs the product or services you sell – you know what to do for that – but chances are the opportunities won’t be that obvious.

Here’s my #1 business networking tip to help you get started developing your first ‘non salesy’ follow up piece.

Look into your expertise and think about common questions people ask you. Pick the top 2 or 3 questions and develop your answer to them into a tip sheet or free report you can offer as an informational resource. When people ask you one of your common questions, instead of explaining your answer on the spot when you may not have their full attention, let them know you have the information they need and ask if you can send them the answer.

Like you people are busy when they’re in the room networking. They want the answer but would prefer to receive your information after when they have time to review and apply it. Give them the option and they’ll look forward to hearing from you.

Bonus – You’ll stand out from the crowd, your company will be top of mind AND people won’t run for the hills when you follow up!

The truth is most business professionals will not prepare to increase their networking results by completing this exercise. In fact 48% of the people who take your business card at a networking event will NEVER follow up with you.

Unfortunately this means they’ll fail to follow up with the people they invested their time and money and left their house to met.

Advanced Next Step Business Networking Tip

Don’t make getting started difficult.

Your initial information can be general such as a Tip Sheet for your industry. Later you can flesh it out with more information to make it specific to your target market and your area of expertise (here’s an example to help you get started – pick up the Business Growth Strategies Report I offer free on this website.

It’s unfortunate that so many business professionals I met at business networking events miss the mark of establishing deeper connections with the people they met.

When you decide to share your unique perspective and insight, you’ll be prepared to follow up with everyone you meet during business networking. PLUS you’ll start reciprocity and begin the process of building the know, like, trust you factor.

Have a great week turning leads into sales.

Have a great week turning leads into sales,

The Follow Up Specialist
Prospecting Mastery Mentor

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