Discover Your Next Step

Attention Business Professionals, Service Providers, Consultants and Business Coaches, Network Marketing, Sales Professionals and Sales Managers responsible for growing sales opportunities and helping your team grow sales opportunities.

Are you actively attending in person business networking meetings and trade shows and/or maintaining various online social networks as an avenue to market your company, build your list of prospect leads and find new clients to grow your business?

If you are …….. Can I ask a question?

After you make the 1st contact, do you follow up to harness EVERY contact and maximize the full sales potential buried in the prospect list you’re building?
If you answered NO I bet you can guess my next question.

After you invested your time and money to start the conversation what happened?

Many of my clients tell me they ran out of reasons to follow up and rather than feel like a pest they simply let other things became a priority.
Did you KNOW?
48% of business professionals will NEVER follow up after the 1st Contact Conversation and yet 80% of sales are WON on the 5th to 12th contact.
This means, most people are not following up long enough to continue the conversation with new prospect leads and build the know you, like you, trust you factor so critical to turning those leads into new clients.
Why leave cash sitting on your desk in a pile of business cards, buried in your database or overlooked on a social network?

Discover Your Next Step

A 1 Hour Strategy Session to assess where you are today with your lead generation and follow up activities and create a plan to improve your results in the future.


Discover Your Next Step is specifically designed to identify the steps you need to take to make your prospecting profitable. It’s your opportunity to discover exactly what to do to improve your follow up and create more sales opportunities to grow your business. After your one on one strategy session you’ll know how to establish a method that guides EVERYONE into your sales funnel.


Discover Your Next Step – $499.00

A 1 hour, One On One Strategy Session

Credit card processes through Pay Pal – no Pay Pal account necessary


During your Discover Your Next Step Strategy session we’ll

  • do a Prospecting and Follow Up Audit to discover where you are today.
    What processes, resources and tools do you currently have in place?
  • create a Spring Forward Map to fill in the landscape from where you are today, to where you want to go. We’ll discover what’s missing to make what you currently have more effective.
  • lay out specific Next Steps Action Plan that bring clarity to what needs to be done first and shine a spotlight on what’s ahead.

    Your Action Plan will be delivered within a few days. It will summarize our discussion and itemize your Next Steps to take action.

Why waste time spinning your wheels! Discover the next steps that propel your business forward on the path to achieving your business growth goals.
At the end of your one on one strategy session you’ll have practical ideas you can use today to breakthrough the overwhelm of competing ideas that are preventing, not only your follow up but ultimately the growth of your business. You’ll know how to establish a method that guides EVERYONE into your sales funnel.
Is Discover Your Next Step strategy session right for your business?

It’s easy to know, just by looking around your office.

  • Do you have business cards stacked on your desk?
  • Have you entered them into your database?
  • Have you connected on a social networking site like LinkedIn?
  • Here’s THE KEY – Have you touched base since the initial conversation?
    In the last 30 days …….. the last 60 days …….. the last 90 days?

If you haven’t, do you hear those lost contacts calling to you . . . . reminding you . . . . you REALLY SHOULD HAVE done something to stay in touch?

Or maybe by now you’ve secretly stashed those contacts in a shoe box somewhere? You know … out of sight … out of mind.

Hear what do other business professionals have to say about their
Discover Your Next Step Strategy Session!

Cheryl came into our office, (Follow Up-Discover Your Next Step) and blew us away with her expertise in what at the end of the day, really matters most, converting leads and prospects into paying customers.

Her techniques in value proposition and sales funnel creation are as brilliant and fine-tuned as those taught by big names like Jill Konrath. What’s more is that I was delighted by her approach even more.

Make sure that an opportunity with her does not pass you by.
Highly recommended, 5 star rating!

Anna Mishenberg, Copywriter
Syndakit Media Corp., Toronto, Ontario

Shila Desai. E.Y.H.O. Tours Discover Your Next Step Strategy Session was the most productive half hour I’ve spent.

On an introductory phone conversation, Cheryl gave me multiple ideas to follow through, from engaging a larger customer base through social media channels to developing a corporate travel incentive/team building marketing strategy. I run a themed travel company that has grown fast and organically.

Cheryl’s insight was focused and incisive in how to reclaim the direction of that growth. I have homework! I’ll be back. Thank you Cheryl!

Shila Desai, CEO Founder
E.Y.H.O. Tours, Toronto, Ontario


This Discover Your Next Step Strategy session is perfect if

  • you’ve attended business networking/trade show events or placed ads in trade publications and you’re looking to maximize the ROI Return On Investment of your new business development initiatives or
  • you prefer One On One Mentoring rather than group sessions.


This Business Development Strategy Session is 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED

to show you effective business growth strategies you can use to follow up and turn your forgotten business card leads into sales opportunities to skyrocket your business!

If you don’t leave with ideas brewing – simply ask for your MONEY BACK!
Hear more from other business professionals who invested in
Discover Your Next Step Strategy Session!

Cheryl’s first meeting with us was nothing short of insightful. She listened to our wish list and quickly came up with advanced innovative marketing strategies in today’s competitive markets. Her experience provided us with actionable ideas to generate leads and a sequence of follow up steps.

Andrea Skerry, Relationship Manager,
Park Lane Financial Group Ltd., Burlington, Ontario


Afterwards, what struck me about that meeting, was the process I observed. On the one hand, Cheryl analyzed our product offering, taking into account overhead costs and profit margins and on the other hand she looked at the market and networking groups in which I’m currently participating, analyzed what these groups are interested in, a price point they might consider and offered solutions that bridged the gap and married both the interests of the networking group and our business.

Erick Nettel, Videographer and Business Owner
Nettel Media, Burlington, Ontario


Cheryl is an idea person with a ton of energy that she will focus on your business like a laser — cutting straight through to your money-making opportunities.

Cheryl has consulted with my company and put me on a path to greater revenues, right from the start. I would highly recommend Cheryl Scoffield if you are looking for a no-nonsense approach to harnessing your sales potential quickly.

Kathy Swiderski, Marketing Expert
Red Sky Design & Communications, Dundas, Ontario

Discover Your Next Step – $499.00

A 2 hour, One On One Strategy Session where you’ll learn the next steps to systematically build your follow up process to consistently build the know, like, trust you factor critical to turn those prospect leads into sales.
This strategy session is specifically designed to identify the steps you need to take to make your prospecting profitable.


Credit card processes through Pay Pal – no Pay Pal account necessary

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Discover Your Next Step Strategy session is perfect if you have a new product or business to launch or you realize business has changed and what worked yesterday to reach prospects and clients, may not be working as well today,

Discover Your Next Step will reveal tips and techniques you can use right away to get your business in front of more prospects and turn more of those prospect leads into new clients with less effort.

This 2 hour One On One Strategy session can be purchased

  • as your first step to look specifically at your prospecting and follow up system and get started moving past challenges
  • as a laser focus session

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Your next step is to take action and implement the Next Steps Action Plan generated during your Discover Your Next Step strategy session. I’m here to help you move forward.

2 Hour Move Ahead Done For You Implementation Sessions $300.

You can purchase this Done For You session in multiples that fit your business needs and the speed at which you plan to take action and spring forward.

You decide what best serves your business goals.
Hear what other Business Professionals say about working with Cheryl Scoffield;
Cheryl did a terrific job capturing my expertise to develop the 1st conversation prospecting script and developing the follow up process that grew out of our working together.

I have had truly remarkable success connecting with prospects and potential partners through the expertise, tenacity and ongoing efforts of Cheryl Scoffield. I would recommend her services to anyone.

Eric Gilboord, CEO WarrenBDC Business Development Center, Mississauga ON

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