ID Your Target Market

Attention Business Managers and Owners, Sales Professionals, Coaches and Entrepreneurs

Have you heard the sage advice to attend networking and trade show events to showcase your company, build your list and find new clients to grow your business?

But …..

You cringe when someone asks you this dreaded question ……

How would I know who is a good prospect for you?

Because .. .. let’s be honest …. you really haven’t CLEARLY defined your target market.

Maybe you’ve started building your list and it might be getting to quite a good size … but somehow you’re still not turning leads into sales. As a result you’re still collecting business cards at a furious rate trying to find the elusive HOT prospects ready to buy.

You’re about to discover how to get past that feeling in the back of your mind that people just don’t ‘GET YOU’.
Join me for this 50 Minute Kickstart Audio Training Seminar

How To ID Your Target Market – $197.00

INCLUDES 1 Hour of One on One Mentoring with
Cheryl Scoffield, The Follow Up Specialist,
Prospecting Expert.
If you don’t have time to waste you’ll need a step by step system to achieve results.

This audio training program focuses on Step Step 3 of the Business Growth Positioning System – Identify Your Target Market and their needs
and includes a mentoring session to help you put what you’ll learn into action. I know Mentoring is the game changer. The critical difference between simply learning the concept and successfully applying it to move your business forward to the next level.

During your mentoring session we’ll look at the work you’ve done during the audio training and zero in to get crystal clear so you can CLEARLY EXPLAIN – What You Do & Who You Do It For.

You’ve probably heard – getting crystal clear about your target market will increase sales.
But maybe you haven’t REALLY figured out yet who is the target market PERFECT for your business.

If you’re still not clear, you’re probably using the spray and pray method.
That’s where you SPRAY out marketing messages you THINK are right and PRAY for the best.

If that’s you, you’re likely spending more time than you need to attending networking and trade show events but still frustrated trying to figured out, exactly WHY your results are low!

Once you’re clear you can move forward to the other half of the mystery, how to ID Your Expertise and package it to connect the conversation in the room to your follow up after to grow your business. We’ll solve that during Business GPS Step 4 – Match your expertise to speak to your Target Market needs.


Join me for ID Your Target Market Audio Training Seminar


ID Your Target Market + 1 Hour One on One Mentoring :


During the ID Your Target Market Audio Training Seminar, you’ll discover exactly how to ZERO IN and GET CLEAR about your target market. When you’re clear you’ll be able to start speaking the right language right away so your clients ‘GET YOU’ and lean in to hear more.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll discover during this Kickstart Audio Training Seminar PLUS Mentoring Session

    • How to define your target market
      and why the spray and pray method really isn’t your best option.
      In fact, it’s holding you back from taking your company to the next level
    • What happens when you turn your spray and pray marketing into solid, clear marketing messages that hit the bull’s eye of
    • What are the next steps to become crystal clear and attract more of your best clients, build referral partners and streamlining your delivery process are just a few


When we’re just starting out, chances are, none of us have a clearly defined target market. We’re more clear about what we do and the mechanics of getting the job done.

While you can continue to stumble your way through answering the dreaded best prospect question, one day you’ll start to notice …… people’s eyes are glazing over as you go on and on. The harder you try the more confused the listener gets.

During this Kickstart Audio Training Seminar ID Your Target Market Audio Training Seminar you’ll learn how to turn your wishbone into a solid, clearly define a target market that serves as the backbone for your marketing message success!

This Business Development Training is
100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED

to show you simple effective business growth strategies you can use to master the prospecting and follow up process that turns more of your prospect leads into sales!

If you don’t leave with ideas brewing – simply ask for your MONEY BACK!


Have a great week turning leads into sales,

The Follow Up Specialist
Prospecting Mastery Mentor

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Prospecting Mastery
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You’ll discover the full Business Growth Positioning System and learn the steps to take to implement it into your business.

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Your info is Amazing! Folks everywhere should know about what you do and how you do it!

I have forwarded this to two contacts already! And talked to countless others about you! Your information is excellent, well prepared and extremely relevant.

I will continue to be a ‘fan’ of yours!

Susan Brooks, Nerds On Site, Hamilton, Ontario

Simplify The Process – Create Your Signature Follow Up Marketing ENGINE

Online Business Development Training Sessions + 3 One On One Mentoring Sessions

This training includes the Prospecting Mastery Module

During this program you’ll work One on One with Cheryl Scoffield, The Follow Up Specialist to plan and create 4 Follow Up Conversation Tools that position you as the expert in your marketplace.

These marketing assets are the foundation of your Follow Up Marketing ENGINE. They enable you to harness EVERY business card you collect while networking and start connected conversations that Kickstart Your Company! Use them to reconnect with EVERY business card currently lost in your desk somewhere.

At the end of this training you’ll be PREPARED to bridge from the conversation in the room to CONFIDENTLY following up and staying connected to the 5th – 12th contact where 80% of sales are WON.

You’ll be on your way to Creating Your Own Signature Follow Up Marketing ENGINE.

Cheryl truly understands the sales process. She can help anyone who needs sales-specific back-office help.

The more you hate to do that stuff, the more you’ll appreciate Cheryl.
Michel Neray, Chief Differentiation Officer, The Essential Message
Toronto, Ontario


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Cheryl Scoffield, The Follow Specialist, has a wealth of strategic resources ready to share with you to create and launch your systematized approach to lead generation with the specific intent of following up to generate more sales opportunities.

Don’t wait to tap into the key business building principals you need to get organized and move forward to harness technology and automate your prospecting process. The advanced business development training programs and done for you services we offer create your back office Signature Follow Up Marketing ENGINE of connected conversations that nurture relationships and build trust while filtering out tire kickers and filling your pipeline with qualified prospects ready for you to turn into new clients.

Kickstart Your Company is a business development training, business growth strategies and business building mastermind company.

The Kickstart Business Growth Positioning System is an advanced in person and on line follow up marketing formula that harnesses EVERY contact and builds the know, like trust you factor critical to turning those leads into sales. It’s specifically designed to filter out tire kickers, qualify prospects and increase sales opportunities. During The Kickstart Training Sessions we offer you’ll go behind the scenes to learn how to identify your expertise, the foundation of your unique personal brand and package it into a sales winning formula of connected conversations to Kickstart Your Company!


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