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Attention Business Professionals, Service Providers, Consultants and Business Coaches, Network Marketing, Sales Professionals and Sales Managers responsible for growing sales opportunities. Are you looking for a Lead Generation Mastermind to increase your sales opportunities?

 Lead Generation List building Mastermind
If you are finding the tried and true lead generation and follow up methods just aren’t producing the results you need to grow your business then this step by step Kickstart Business Development Mastermind Group is perfect for you.

Nearly 60% of small and medium sized companies feel prospecting today is not producing the results it did even a few years ago. But 57% of Business Owners surveyed nationally said their #1 reason for attending networking and trade show events was to showcase their company and find new clients to grow their sales.

When I asked Board Of Trade members in Mississauga a similar question. What’s the #1 reason you joined? 90% responded – grow my network and increase sales. To achieve those goals, their top 2 areas of interest were to learn and apply PROVEN step by step strategies to

  • increase networking outcomes
  • increase marketing effectiveness

Everyone was interested in joining a Business Development Mastermind.
In fact we had 108 interested businesses!

You asked for help … You Got It!

Kickstart Business Building Masterminds

a special MENTOR GUIDED Program based on proven business building techniques
that deliver 9 TIMES the results! (Forrester Research statistic)

If you don’t have time to waste you’ll appreciate that this Kickstart Business Development Mastermind Program is delivered as a Progressive Series and includes a Sign Up Bonus (see below).

The goal is to develop a list building and follow up process for your business enabling you to reach the 5th – 12th contact where 80% of sales are WON!

Each of the six 90 minute Lead Generation Mastermind sessions consists of

  • Mentor Guided Business Development Training
    where you’ll learn advanced prospecting, follow up and online marketing strategies that EVERY business owner needs to have in place to grow your business BIGGER
  • a Peer To Peer Business Roundtable
    where you’ll mastermind with a small group of other like minded business professionals.
  • Next Step Actions
    weekly action to guide you through the process of developing your follow up process
    an opportunity for each participant to get answers to their questions.

Follow up doesn’t just happen by coincidence.
When learning is combined with DOING it’s a powerful combination to help you take action and apply what you learn to MULTIPLY YOUR RESULTS!

kickstart business development training

Kickstart Business Building Masterminds are offered in an Online and In Person format.
$98 for each Mastermind session with 6 sessions in the progressive series for a total of $588 TOTAL.
Credit cards process through Pay Pal, no account is needed

Seats are LIMITED for this mastermind – to make sure all participants have an opportunity to step into The BUSINESS GROWTH SPOTLIGHT and get answers to their questions.
Join the series which suits your schedule.

Mastermind Group meeting In Person WEEKLY at the Kickstart Training Center in Mississauga.

6 week Lead Generation Mastermind :

Mastermind Group meeting In Person Bi-WEEKLY at the Kickstart Training Center in Mississauga.

Bi Weekly LIVE Mastermind :

Mastermind Group meeting Online BI- WEEKLY.

BI-WEEKLY ONLINE Mastermind for :

This date or time doesn’t work? No problem.
Contact Cheryl Scoffield to bring this business building mastermind to your group of 8 or more..
The goal of this mastermind series is to develop an easy list building and follow up process to grow your business.

Don’t leave cash sitting in a stack of business cards, buried in your database or overlooked on a social network!

Join us to learn how to increase your network, create your back office follow up marketing system and make strategic connections to leverage word of mouth marketing and referral marketing opportunities.
The Miriam Webster’s Dictionary defines Mastermind as the creative intelligence behind a project with a synonym of architect and Mentor as a trusted counsellor or guide with a synonym of pilot.

While you wait for your Kickstart Business Building Mastermind to begin I invite you to pick up your FREE Business Growth Strategies Report in the top right hand corner of this web page.

When you join a Kickstart Business Building Mastermind you’ll be invited to appear on Conversations With Expert Entrepreneurs to showcase your expertise!!

 – 2 hours with Cheryl Scoffield The Follow Up Specialist

1 hour of one on one coaching to help you prepare to present and 
1 hour of editing your conversation audio to remove any mis-spoken words


Promotion of your company and you as the expert through the Kickstart Social media Platform.

Join us to learn how to successfully navigate past the challenges that prevent you from following up to the 5th -12th contact where 80% of sales are WON.

If you’re looking for a program with new ideas and insights to get the ENERGY and EXCITEMENT back into YOUR business – this is the group you’ve been looking for!

Join us to learn the key principles you need to apply consistently to produce measurable, sustainable growth in your business.
kickstart business development training

Hear What Other Business Professionals Have To Say

When looking to start a mastermind group at Mississauga Board of Trade, I turned to Cheryl’s expertise to help me prepare questions to gauge interest and document the progress of the venture.
We had 108 interested businesses.

Based on this positive response, Cheryl developed and led, 2 mastermind groups focused on improving networking and marketing outcomes.

I am once more engaging Cheryl to start mastermind groups for Axxyr Medical and I am sure we will have similar positive results.

Carolyn Baboolal Moshtagh, Corporate Relations Manager,
Mississauga Board Of Trade, Mississauga Ontario


This is the Business Building Mastermind program you’ve been looking for!

Here’s a small sample of what’s inside your Kickstart Mastermind Program
online sessions

    • Outline the FULL Kickstart Business Growth Positioning System
      a system that develops connected conversations that naturally pull you forward into following up (and that means MORE SALES!)
    • Identify your target market to create sales messages that inspire people to buy from you
    • Package your expertise/offer so that marketing your company becomes a no-brainer
    • Outline a go to market business growth strategy that delivers 9 times the results
    • Harness technology to automate the prospecting process and make your follow up marketing a cinch
    • How to find and develop strategic cross promotion & affiliate marketing partners to leverage word of mouth marketing and referral marketing to build your business

and that will just get us started!

This program includes Prospecting Mastery

Each of your 90 Minute sessions is specifically designed to take you, step by step, through the process of zeroing in on what’s working for you today and the steps you need to take to realize even greater returns on your business building investments.

You’ll learn the exact steps to create your signature in person & online Follow Up Marketing Engine. Your engine that maximizes opportunities by following up with EVERYONE to market your company, develop strategic partners and explode your sales.

BONUS You’ll NEVER feel like a pest!
In fact, people will look forward to hearing from you.

If you’re ready to move forward with a structured program of 6 progressive action steps that lead to measurable results. PERFECT!
Hear what other Business Professionals have to say about their Kickstart Training experience.

You could spend hours reading up on blogging and still be left with questions, or you could elect to attend a blogging workshop, hosted by Cheryl. The second option, which is a very interactive session, will give you the confidence and knowledge to get on with blogging in a much quicker and efficient way. That’s what kick starting is all about!

Amandeep Sangha, VP Business Development, Beacon Financial Solutions Inc. Toronto ON


Cheryl provided great insight into Networking and the importance to proper Follow-up. The presentation I attended was only skimming the surface to Cheryl’s expertise and knowledge and I look forward to attending further training

Susan Sintichakis
Susan Sintichakis Interior Design Consulting, Toronto ON


The valuable information I gained in a few hours (Prospecting Mastery) has propelled my business forward and increased my bottom line.

Cheryl has a wealth of knowledge that every business owner should tap into. Cheryl says it best – “80 % of sales are won between the 5-12th contact with a prospect.” I learned how to follow up with potential clients in a professional way that has resulted in positive outcome Thanks Cheryl!”

Diana Boudrahem
Independent Sales Representative (Legal Shield Inc., Burlington ON)


kickstart business development training

Interested? I knew you would be!

Reserve your seat for the next Kickstart Business Building Mastermind
. . . . . .  or, if you’re happy with your current results, continue attending monthly networking events at $50 – $200/month.


This Business Development Training is
100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED

to show you simple effective business growth strategies you can use to master the prospecting and follow up process that turns more of your prospect leads into sales!
If you don’t leave with ideas brewing – simply ask for your MONEY BACK!

Cheryl Scoffield, The Follow Up Specialist
Prospecting Mastery Mentor



How will you know if this Mastermind is right for you?

Simply ask yourself this question.

Are the prospecting and marketing activities you’re currently doing, producing the long term sales results you need to grow your business?

If not, this program using a combination at progressive Business Development Training + Mentoring to take you, step by step, through the process of creating your signature in person & online Follow Up Marketing Engine that filters out tire kickers and fills your pipeline with pre-qualified leads maximizes your opportunities and explodes your sales. It’s an engine inside your business that develops relationships to produce a steady stream of pre qualified prospects. Ready to explode your opportunities?

PLUS you’ll be part of a small group of other business professionals for accountability that helps you take action.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Kickstart Your Company is a business development training, business growth strategies and business building mastermind company.

Our Business Growth Positioning System is an advanced in person and on line marketing formula that harnesses EVERY contact & increases sales opportunities. Through a series of progressive steps you’ll learn how to identify your expertise, the foundation of your unique personal brand and package it into a sales winning formula of connected conversations that Kickstart Your Company!