Prospecting Mastery

Attention Business Professionals, Service Providers, Consultants and Business Coaches, Network Marketing, Sales Professionals and Sales Managers responsible for growing sales opportunities and helping your team grow sales opportunities.

Do you attend business networking and trade show events plus maintain an online presence as part of your efforts to market your company and build a list of prospect leads to turn into new clients?

Got your elevator pitch primed and polished and doing your best to follow up with HOT prospects?

So, why do you end up in voice mail jail, feeling like a pest?

If you are sick and tired of putting yourself out there without sustainable results . . . . . . . .

You’re in the right place

to discover what 99% of business professionals trying to grow their business will never know about making the prospecting game profitable.

Without this information you’ll keep struggling to generate a steady stream of qualified leads that easily turn into new clients.
Just ask yourself these 2 simple questions;

    • Of the business cards you collected last year – HOW MANY have you followed up with to deepen the relationship?
    • Of those – How many are you STILL in conversation with?

The truth is – attending in person business networking events and updating your social media can be the fastest route to growing your business – or it can take you off course and leave you with nothing more than stacks of business cards and tons of connections that make you feel miserable . . . . . because they led nowhere!
Here’s what I’ve discovered over the past 20 years working with CEOs and Business Owners and supporting Sales Managers and national sales teams while also working the street as an entrepreneur to grow my own business.

If you continue simply COLLECTING cards, without setting the stage to follow up and stay CONNECTED to develop new clients and partners ….

You might as well

Set Your Wallet ON FIRE!


Because you’re wasting hundreds or even thousands of dollars, attending events to find a few HOT Prospects but missing out on developing the full potential HIDDEN within your stack of business cards.

It doesn’t have to stay this way. You’re just a small step away from learning how to HARNESS EVERY LEAD you collect with a step by step system that has the specific intent of connecting the conversation in the room to your follow up to generate more sales opportunities.
Join me for

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Kickstart Business Development Training – Prospecting Mastery $89 + 4 BONUSES

In this 2 hour Business Development Training you’ll learn my time-proven step by step Business Growth Positioning System and the follow up marketing strategies which make prospecting profitable.

They work again and again to move you from COLLECTING cards to CONNECTING with people to build trust while harnessing more of the sales opportunities buried within your stacks of business cards.

These are the SAME unique strategies I use to train corporate sales representatives at companies like Investors Group and Verico Mortgages and new entrepreneurs through The Learning Enrichment Foundation and Enterprise Toronto. And now I’m offering it to a select group.

At the end of this business development training you’ll know how to start connected conversations and how to develop your sales winning follow up formula that turns more of your stacks of business cards into a consistent stream of qualified prospect sales opportunities ready for you to turn into new clients.

In fact the go to market strategies you’ll learn deliver 9 TIMES the results!
(that’s a proven Forrester Research statistic).

Attend the next in person 2 Hour Business Development Training + Q&A

Prospecting Mastery :

Credit cards process through Pay Pal, no account is needed
Seats are LIMITED – so all attendees have an opportunity to step into The BUSINESS GROWTH SPOTLIGHT and get their questions answered.
Pick the day and time which works for you.
Location: Kickstart Training Center in Mississauga, Ontario
If you don’t have time to waste you’ll need a step by step system to get results. Join us for Prospecting Mastery to learn how to turn more of the business cards you collect into a consistent stream of sales opportunities. PLUS– Use the follow up marketing strategies I’ll share to reconnect with EVERY CARD you’ve ever collected! Even the old dusty ones.
Can’t attend this Kickstart Business Development Training in person? No Problem!
Attend this training ONLINE as a webinar at your computer + 4 BONUSES
This Business Development Training will be available in Spring 2016


Or bring Prospecting Mastery to Your Office for your team or
to your next Business Conference as a break out session.

Book A Prospecting Mastery Session AT YOUR LOCATION (Min 8 People) :
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Invite 15 or more and 2 participants attend as My Guest!

Hear what other business executives are saying about this skills based
Business Development Training;


Cheryl’s program offers a creative, yet matter-of-fact, reminder of what we all need to do with clients and prospects: follow up. Cheryl’s tools and systems are effective and will likely be exactly what you are looking for.

Cheryl’s program will give you the tools and mindset to go well beyond that fifth attempt.

Perry Catena, BA, CFP
Regional Director, Investors Group, Burlington ON


After attending Cheryl’s workshop I no longer have a stack of business cards I have a database system and make contact with folks in a timely manner with purpose. Thank you!

Wendy Playfair
Director Business Development, Freedom 55 Financial/Quadrus Investments, Hamilton Financial Centre


The valuable information I gained in a few hours (Prospecting Mastery) has propelled my business forward and increased my bottom line.

Cheryl has a wealth of knowledge that every business owner should tap into. Cheryl says it best – “80 % of sales are won between the 5-12th contact with a prospect.” I learned how to follow up with potential clients in a professional way that has resulted in positive outcome Thanks Cheryl!”

Diana Boudrahem
Independent Associate Legal Shield, Burlington, ON


4 BONUSES ARE INCLUDED with your Prospecting Mastery!

Business Development Training Session

BONUS # 1 – Business Growth Strategies Report
where you’ll learn the first steps to intentionally structure your follow up to build the know, like, trust you factor a critical component of developing the relationships that turn leads into sales.

BONUS # 2 – 20 Minute Follow Up Audit with Cheryl Scoffield, The Follow Up Specialist. During this private one on one session we’ll look at where you are today with your current prospecting and follow up process and Cheryl will help you apply what you’ve learn to move forward and develop your sales winning follow up formula that keeps you connected in conversation longer.

BONUS # 3 – 50 Minute Kickstart Audio Training Seminar – How To Meet People In A Room Full Of Strangers & Start The Conversation. During this online training webinar you’ll learn Step 1 of The Business Growth Positioning System – Start The Conversation. You’ll learn 2 ways to start the conversation right at the door, 2 ways to keep the conversation going, how to avoid the #1 name tag mistake and MUCH MORE!

BONUS # 4 – Conversation With Expert Entrepreneurs – access to the webinar training series to listen in to discover what other business professionals wish they’d only known when struggling to overcome challenges.
STOP running off in all directions, chasing people. Attend this Business Development Training program, it’s jammed packed with practical steps to kickstart you into becoming a master prospector.

Attend the next in person 2 Hour Business Development Training

Prospecting Mastery :

Credit cards process through Pay Pal, no account is needed
This interactive training has LIMITED SEATING because I want to make sure everyone has an opportunity to step into The BUSINESS GROWTH SPOTLIGHT and get specific answers to your unique questions.
Pick the time and day which works for you.
Location: Kickstart Training Center in Mississauga, Ontario
Join us to learn how to turn more of your stacks of business cards into a consistent stream of sales opportunities. PLUS– Use the follow up marketing strategies I’ll share to reconnect with EVERY CARD you’ve ever collected! Even the old dusty ones.
Hear what other business executives are saying about this skills based
Business Development Training;

I recently had the pleasure of attending Prospecting Mastery. I was immediately interested when I learned of the workshop because the description perfectly described my situation: a stack of business cards that I had collected that I wasn’t fully sure what to do with.

Cheryl’s workshop delivered on it’s promise: she described a thorough and systematic approach to following up with prospects to create familiarity, trust and credibility. I would highly recommend the workshop to anyone interested in maximizing the potential of leads that they collect.

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Steven Hartley
Managing Partner, Fering Communications, Brampton ON


Frankly, the training was brilliant. I learned a ton and have a list of action points I know I can handle swiftly and which I’m certain will help me grow my business.

Hannah McKinnon, Business Owner
Pooling People, Oakville, Ontario


Prospecting Mastery

outlines the full Kickstart Business Growth Positioning System (Business GPS) an advanced in person & on line marketing strategy that makes your prospecting profitable.

It’s your roadmap to harness EVERY contact and MAXIMIZE the potential buried in your prospect list.

Here’s a short list of what you’ll discover during this training

  • How to SIMPLIFY your prospecting process to BREAKTHROUGH the challenge of conflicting priorities that block your follow up and ultimately the growth of your business
  • How to identify your UNIQUE EXPERTISE that sets you apart from the crowd
  • How to PACKAGE YOUR EXPERTISE and develop your Follow Up Connection Tools, strategic marketing pieces that naturally pull you forward following up with everyone you start the conversation with (that means MORE SALES!)

    BONUS: Use your Follow Up Connection Tools to return to EVERY business card you have tucked away, even the yellowed, crinkly ones. NO MORE GUILT and frustration looking at stacks on your desk!

  • How to MULTIPLY YOUR RESULTS by creating your back office Follow Up Marketing ENGINE that filters out the tire kickers and fills your pipeline with pre-qualified prospects who want to do business with you
  • How to MONETIZE your follow up by developing your SALES WINNING follow up formula of connected conversations

At the end of the training session you’ll have ideas brewing and written actionable next steps to move forward towards creating your own structured follow up marketing process that works like AN ENGINE inside your business building the know, like trust you factor and consistently developing a stream of new clients to grow your sales.

You’ll NEVER set your wallet ON FIRE again.

You’ll know the strategy to move from COLLECTING business cards to
consistently following up and CONNECTING with people to develop clients, strategic partners and advocates for your business.

The go to market strategy you’ll discover delivers 9 times the results!
Forrester Research statistic

Cheryl is definitely The Follow Up Specialist!
After taking her “Set The Stage” workshop and being introduced to the “Follow Up System,” I have a template to follow that will save time and increase my business.

Sue Lacher, Life & Business Coach
Sue Lacher & Associates, Toronto ON


Whatever name you give it – working the room, prospecting, new business development, lead generation, list building or marketing – the purpose of attending events and starting conversations is not to COLLECT business cards!

It’s to CONNECT with people and move forward building the know you, like you, trust you factor that’s so critical to Kickstarting Your Company!

Kickstart Satisfaction Guarantee

This Business Development Training is
100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED

to show you simple effective business growth strategies you can use to master the prospecting and follow up process and turn more of your prospect leads into sales!

If you don’t leave with ideas brewing – simply ask for your MONEY BACK!

Cheryl Scoffield, The Follow Up Specialist
Prospecting Mastery Mentor

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Prefer One on One Training?


Online Business Development Training Sessions + One On One Mentoring Sessions to Create 4 Follow Up Connection Tools as the foundation of Your Own Signature Follow Up Marketing ENGINE

These tools are strategic informative marketing pieces you’ll need to set the stage for CONNECTED CONVERSATIONS that literally pull you forward following up with everyone you meet tomorrow at business networking and trade show events AND all the business cards currently lost on your desk.

Ready To Move Forward?

* * Discover Your Next Step

2 hour One On One Brainstorm/Mastermind Session
This session is specifically designed to pinpoint where you are today and map out your specific Next Steps to following up with all the business card leads currently lost on your desk somewhere. At the end of this session you’ll have an Action Plan and know the exact next steps to move forward and create your Follow Up Connection Tools.
Hear what other business professionals are saying

Cheryl came into our office, (Follow Up – Discover Your Next Step) and blew us away with her expertise in what at the end of the day, really matters most, converting leads and prospects into paying customers.

Her techniques in value proposition and sales funnel creation are as brilliant and fine- tuned as those taught by big names like Jill Konrath. What’s more is that I was delighted by her approach even more. Make sure that an opportunity with her does not pass you by. Highly recommended, 5 star rating!

Anna Mishenberg, Copywriter
Syndakit Media Corp., Toronto, Ontario


Join a Business Professional’s Mastermind Group

Kickstart Business Building Masterminds – MULTIPLY YOUR RESULTS
Mentor Guided Mastermind Groups are filled with business building techniques that are sure to set your sales on fire.

This training includes the Prospecting Mastery Module + 6 Mastermind Sessions

* * IN PERSON – Kickstart Marketing Mastery

* * ONLINE – Kickstart Your Market Brand
You’ll join a small group of business professionals to learn the full Kickstart Business Growth Positioning System (Business GPS) and build strong partnerships while implementing the sales winning follow up marketing strategies.

This is the mastermind program you’ve been looking for!

Here’s a small sample of what’s inside your Kickstart Business Building Mastermind sessions

  • Outline a system for making connected conversations that naturally pull you forward into following up (and that means MORE SALES!)
  • Identify your expertise and your target market to create sales messages that make them
    want to buy from you
  • Package your expertise so that marketing your company becomes a no-brainer
  • Outline a go to market strategy plan that delivers 9 times the results
  • Harness technology and make your follow up marketing a cinch
  • How to find and develop strategic cross promotion/affiliate marketing partners

and that will just get us started!


Are you ready to skip the trial and error method and get straight to the business growth strategies?
Choose the online or in person group that’s right for you.

During your Kickstart Business Building Mastermind you’ll discover the right strategies you need to grow you business. It could save you hours of time and stacks of money wasted on the trial and error method.

Ideas are worthless, it is what you do with them that matters … Unknown