They Aren’t Responding To My Follow Up? Now What?

We’ve all been there. You’ve met a new prospective client and now you’re following up  . . .  but  . . .  no response. NOW WHAT?

You sit in your office wondering  . . .  what could/should I have done differently that would improve my results and generate more sales opportunities?

Often it’s this fear that somehow your actions have caused this lack of response that prevents you from continuing to follow up with people you’ve met and starting the follow up process with new people.

NOT following up is a mistake.

Although you may be puzzled by this lack of response, especially if your follow up is in response to a request from someone you met while networking – DON’T GIVE UP. Don’t stop following up.

Remember –  80% of sales are WON on the 5th – 12th contact, continue to work your plan.

So WHY aren’t people responding?

The answer to that question can cover a wide range of reasons, the most likely of which are – people are busy and/or  they’re not ready to solve the problem you’re following up to help them fix. If we dig deeper into their lack of response we’ll likely find that your follow up is not hitting the nail on the head of the problem they’re trying to solve or what you’re asking for is too big for the level of trust that has been established up to this point. For example if you’re a financial planner and you’ve just meet someone and you’re following up to book an appointment to review their current financial state, from my experience I’d say you’re asking for too much, too soon.

The GOOD NEWS is you can hone your conversation skills to help you identify during the first contact conversation the problems typical customers within your Target Market are trying to solve. Then using your market intelligence develop better follow up messages designed to answer earlier questions that lead up to the bigger questions such as – What is your plan for the level of cash flow during retirement? To return to our financial planner example, a better follow up might be sending information to answer the typical early stage questions someone who was thinking about – taking control of their retirement – might take. Now your follow up is developing a relationship and building trust a critical component of turning leads into sales.

This problem of people not responding to your follow up is NOT an isolated instance and many Business Owners and their sales team continue to struggle trying to solve it .

Take heart when people don’t respond the way you expected.
It’s Business – NOT PERSONAL.

So many times I’ve witnessed business professionals who take lack of response personally and stop following up. Take heart – I’ve had people show up in my training class FOUR YEARS after I started following up. The business crystal ball wasn’t kidding when it told you it can take time!

Your job is to create the best follow up process you can so you’re consistently following up with everyone you meet to offer relevant information that addresses their specific problems enabling you to harness the maximum amount of sales opportunities. You can’t control other people’s actions, you don’t know what’s going on for them in their business or their life, you can only control your activity.

Here are some things you CAN DO to make sure your follow up is the best it can be.

They Aren’t Responding To My Follow Up? Now What?

4 Steps To Create Great Follow Up

  1. After the … Nice to meet you … ALWAYS included a next step.
    It’s great to offer a couple of date options for the next meeting but don’t forget to include HOW THEY’LL BENEFIT.
    What will they get from meeting with you? How will the information you’ll share help them solve a current problem and set them up to achieve their goal?
  2. Offer a FREE SAMPLE of your product or service.
    This is a traditional method to introduce new prospects to your products and services. I offer a free report in the top right hand corner of this web page.
  3. If people don’t want to meet right after the first contact conversation or the opportunity isn’t obvious, invite people to connect online through your Linkedin account for example so you can stay connected – As a mentioned I’ve often had people show up years after I’ve made the initial connection because I continued to follow up. Go ahead connect with me on Linkedin too. Laughing
  4. Prepare to continue your follow up over a longer time frame. Remember it takes 5-12 contacts before 80% of sales are WON.
  5. Become a Detective!
    To many people 5-12 follow ups seems like quite a few and it can be if your follow up is filled with  ‘Can we met now . I’d like to close the sale’ messages.Become more creative! Deep dig to discover the underlying questions your Target Market asks and the problem they’re struggling to solve. Use this market intelligence to start the process of developing a wider range of topics you can use to keep the conversation interesting. This is how you’ll develop the know, like, trust you factor critical to moving to the next level and booking the meeting.


Next Level TIP

Many of the people who are not responding are earlier in their Investigative Buying Sequence! At this point they’re simply not ready to take you up on your offer to begin a working relationship.

To keep in touch think about what potential clients are looking for BEFORE they’re HOT and ready to do business with you. What can you do to help them discover the answers they’re looking for. When they’re ready they’ll be prepared to do business with you.

If the Investigative Buying Sequence sounds like something you’re interested in learning about take the next step, download my FREE REPORT  in the upper right hand corner of this page. In it you’ll learn 3 essential secrets to help you take the next steps towards creating better follow up.


Check out the Prospecting Mastery  business development training to learn about the Investigative Buying Sequence and get started developing your follow up after business networking.

PS I’ve also experienced the other side of the coin. Business Owners who buy a booth at a business networking trade show, collect business cards and then fail to follow up with the people they meet even when they’ve said they’re interested.  Perhaps you’ve experienced this too. If you need help to establish the foundation of great follow up by developing a database, contact me and let’s chat.

Have a great week turning leads into sales,





The Follow Up Specialist
Prospecting Mastery Mentor

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