Thinking Of SELLING Your Business?

Join us for this edition of Kickstart Your Company’s, Conversations With Expert Entrepreneurs.

During this 30 minute webinar on the first Wednesday of the month at 12 Noon EST, Cheryl Scoffield, The Follow Up Specialist of Kickstart Your Company, pulls up a chair and invites an expert entrepreneur business owner on the line to join her in conversation about business growth strategies.

Cheryl asks the question – What business growth strategies have you discovered along the way, that you wish you had known earlier – because that knowledge would have made growing your business easier?

This month listen in as we discuss –
It’s time to consider SELLING your business. Where do you start?

During this month’s Conversation Eric Gilboord, Founder & CEO of WarrenBDC – Warren Business Development Center Inc shares the top things you need to think about as you prepare to sell your business. What bases do you need to cover to set yourself up to not only get the best price but also ensure a smooth transition?

This is a Conversation you won’t want to miss!

Eric Gilboord is the Best Selling Author of ‘Just Tell Me What To Do-Easy Marketing Tips for Small Business’, a Speaker and a Coach on the topic of marketing and preparing to sell your business. He believes marketing should not be a mysterious black hole an entrepreneur is afraid to enter. Eric is dedicated to explaining marketing in simple terms so anyone can understand.

To join us for the next Conversations With Expert Entrepreneurs, a 30 minute webinar on the first Wednesday of the month at 12 Noon EST, simply pick up your complimentary copy of the Business Growth Strategies Report in the top right hand corner of this web page. I’ll send you the ‘HOW TO JOIN US’ details for the Conversation PLUS a link to the replays of past Conversations along with other strategic resources to help you grow your business.

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If you’re interested in developing a webinar similar to Conversation With Experts simply Contact Cheryl to start the conversation.

Cheryl will share next step secrets how to manage the recording technology to create an information/education based marketing piece you can use to position yourself as an expert and showcase your company to build your list of prospects and generate more sales opportunities

BONUS Learn how to develop an effective outline for your webinar and/or audio training session.

Have a great week turning leads into sales,

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Kickstart Your Company is a business development training, business growth strategies and business building mastermind company that helps you grow your business.

Our Business Growth Positioning System is an advanced in person and on line marketing formula that harnesses EVERY contact & increases sales opportunities. Through a series of progressive steps you’ll learn how to identify your expertise, the foundation of your unique personal brand and package it into a sales winning formula of connected conversations that Kickstart Your Company!

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