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Attention Business Owners, Sales Managers, Business Coaches, Professional Service Providers and Entrepreneurs who are interested in learning how to create Audio Training Sessions, Podcasts or Webinar Training Sessions to showcase their company to more prospects and generate sales opportunities.

If you’ve attended online training, you’ve experienced the important role these educational marketing tools play in promoting your company, showcasing your expertise and generating leads in the online business environment. Not to mention how convenient it is for potential clients to download an audio information session and experience for themselves how your expertise can help them breakthrough challenges and achieve goals.
98% of customers have researched the products and services they’re interested in buying ONLINE BEFORE ever contacting your company.
Audio Training Sessions, Podcasts and Webinar Training Sessions get the word out FAST about your expertise and the products and services your company has to offer. They are an important piece of the business development activities at the front end of your sales process.

If you’ve thought about creating an Audio Training Session for your business but you don’t have time to waste with the trial and error method, you’re not sure how to get started or you’re not comfortable managing the technology, NO PROBLEM! This step by step hands on Kickstart Business Development Training Session takes you behind the scenes and shares insider secrets to make recording and publishing your webinar training session as simple as 1 – 2 – 3!

Since 2000, Cheryl has invested over 4,000 hours into extensive research, conference and workshop education, advanced internet marketing training and business coaching with recognised industry experts. In 2010 she developed – Conversations With Expert Entrepreneurs – If I had Only Known! as an inbound marketing strategy for her company. This monthly interview series created and produced online educational webinar sessions to help business professionals in a variety of industries showcase their expertise and build a prospect list.

Now Cheryl wants to share her insider secrets to help you create an Audio Training Session, Podcast or Webinar Training Session for your company during a hands on interactive business development training session.
Online audio training, Business Development Training

Kickstart Webinar Mastery $249.

In this half day – 4 Hour – hands on Business Development Training you’ll learn

  • How to record your audio training session,
  • How to edit your audio recording,
  • How to create visual elements for your webinar and match them with your audio recording to create your webinar,
  • How to use your new webinar online to promote your company and generate a list of prospects.


Sign up today and you’ll receive – How to Develop an Effective Training Session – as your BONUS.

This step by step guide outlines the process of creating effective training content. Use it to capture your own expertise and/or unlock the expertise buried inside your company and/or partners.


Join Cheryl and a small group of business professionals for Webinar Mastery a hands on Half Day Audio Training Session.

Bring your lap top this hands on session that takes you behind the scenes to discover next step secrets how to manage the recording technology and create your online audio training.

Half Day Webinar Mastery :

Credit cards process through Pay Pal, no account is needed
Seats are LIMITED for this interactive training session – so all attendees have an opportunity to step into The BUSINESS GROWTH SPOTLIGHT and get their questions answered.

Pick the day and time which works for you. There will be time to implement what you’re learning.
Location: Kickstart Training Center in Mississauga, Ontario

Why waste time on the trial and error method, join us and learn a step by step system to create your Audio Training Session, Podcast and Webinar Training Session to promote your company, showcase your expertise and generate leads in the online business environment.

This time or location doesn’t work? No problem!

Contact Cheryl to bring Webinar Mastery to your group of 8 or more or to your next Business Conference as a break out session.
Why run all over town to meetings to share your expertise and showcase your company? Find out how audio educational marketing assets can put your company in front of more prospects with less effort while generating more sales opportunities.

Join us for this Kickstart Business Development Training and learn how Audio Training Sessions, Podcasts or Webinar Training Sessions can be part of your sales winning follow up formula of connected conversations that Kickstart Your Company!
Hear What Business Professionals say about developing an Audio Recording.

Hollie Hollister

Listen in to this Conversation With An Expert Entrepreneur

with Cheryl Scoffield, The Follow Up Specialist and
Hollie Hollister of H Cubed Group
in Stoughton, Wisconsin USA

Hear What Business Professionals say about their Audio Recording and Editing experience.
Cheryl did a terrific job capturing my expertise to develop the 1st conversation prospecting script and developing the follow up process that grew out of our working together.

I have had truly remarkable success connecting with prospects and potential partners through the expertise, tenacity and ongoing efforts of Cheryl Scoffield. I would recommend her services to anyone.

Eric Gilboord, CEO WarrenBDC Business Development Center, Mississauga ON


Cheryl, I just listened to my Conversation With Expert Entrepreneurs
– it’s FANTASTIC! You did it so well!

Thanks again Cheryl! It’s always great working with you

John Goldstein
John Goldstein Photography & Video Production, Mississauga, ON


Journey To Success Radio features interviews with amazing people, contributors and achievers from around the world. The show has listeners from over 100 countries.

It is important when interviewing such prominent people to have the ability to edit the recording of the interview.

I use Cheryl Scoffield, the Follow Up Specialist, for the audio editing for Journey To Success Radio.

If you need help of a similar nature, I HIGHLY recommend Cheryl.

Tom ‘too tall’ Cunningham, Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor
MWR Life Inspiration Officer, Founder of Journey To Success Radio


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     Kickstart DONE FOR YOU Services

For those clients who would prefer to have their Audio Training Sessions, Podcast or Webinar recorded and edited as a ‘done for you’ service.

Contact Cheryl to schedule a time to discuss your requirements.


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Take Your Next Step


After your Webinar Mastery take your next step and join us for Automate Lead Generation.

In this hand on Kickstart Business Development Training Session you’ll learn how to re-purpose your new Audio Training Sessions, Podcasts and Webinar Training Sessions into a List Building Tool to automate your business development and follow up to fill your pipeline with more prospects.

Bring your lap top and join Cheryl Scoffield, The Follow up Specialist and a small group of business professionals to learn how to manage the technology of automating the process of generating leads and following up to turn your new leads into clients.

Audio training is a great way to generate a steady stream of qualified prospects ready for you to turn into new clients. In fact these educational marketing tools are an essential element of the back office Follow Up Marketing ENGINE I help my clients create to MULTIPLY their marketing results by 9 TIMES! (Forester Research statistic)


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Cheryl Scoffield, The Follow Specialist, has a wealth of strategic resources ready to share with you to create and launch your systematized approach to lead generation with the specific intent of following up to generate more sales opportunities.

Don’t wait to tap into the key business building principals you need to get organized and move forward to harness technology and automate your prospecting process. The advanced business development training programs and done for you services we offer create your back office Signature Follow Up Marketing ENGINE of connected conversations that nurture relationships and build trust while filtering out tire kickers and filling your pipeline with qualified prospects ready for you to turn into new clients.

Kickstart Your Company is a business development training, business growth strategies and business building mastermind company.

The Kickstart Business Growth Positioning System is an advanced in person and on line follow up marketing formula that harnesses EVERY contact and builds the know, like trust you factor critical to turning those leads into sales. It’s specifically designed to filter out tire kickers, qualify prospects and increase sales opportunities. During The Kickstart Training Sessions we offer you’ll go behind the scenes to learn how to identify your expertise, the foundation of your unique personal brand and package it into a sales winning formula of connected conversations to Kickstart Your Company!